The Tomb by Dave Ferarro

Published: July 1 2011

My rating: 2/5

This book was definitely pretty exciting. Like edge-of-my-seat exciting. I could barely put my laptop down (which had the book on it). However, even though it was extremely exciting, it definitely had it's flaws.

The Tomb is about an 18 year old girl called Rachel Thyme on an archaeology dig on an island near Australia. Strange things start to happen to the crew members, and there have been rumors of a curse on the island

Even though it was near Australia, it didn't sound very Australian to me. Where was the island? No wildlife or Australian plants were mentioned. On a remote island, I would expect to see heaps of wildlife and gum trees or something.

The characters were alright. Rachel was alright, but kind of bland. The other characters all sort of meshed together in my head, because no one really stood out (except for Kelly, Cyrena, and Hinako). None of the characters were too bad - I've had characters make me want to rip my hair out. But everyone was pretty boring.

The storyline was fantastic. Absolubtely great. I loved all the mysterious things happening on the island, especially all the trances. The tombs were really interesting to read about, definitely not your usual book location. There was definitely a lot of action involved.

However, just a warning to people who get scared easily (like me). This book can be a little scary, in fact, I woke up at 3 in the morning, and couldn't get back to sleep because I was so scared! It's not too bad, but probably don't read it before you go to bed.

Also, I'm annoyed that none of them left the island. If I was Rachel, I'd be incredibly scared, especially when weird things start to happen. I'd just leave everything behind and swim to the mainland. Who cares about proving yourself when everyone's disappearing and a killer is on the loose?

Rachel has 3 love interests. I can't really remember them, Chase, Daniel, and some other guy. Those parts were pretty boring, and the only one I really liked was Daniel, mostly because he was Australian.

The part about Rachel's parents didn't seem to fit in. Those parts seemed to just be randomly thrown in, and they were pretty awkward. There was a killler on the loose, and you have mysteries and stuff to solve. But while that was happening, Rachel was having parental issues. Is it just me, or is that incredibly random?

Overall, an alright read. Very exciting and great storyline, but the characters and other elements fell flat.


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