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No Turning Back by Casey Peeler (Review)

Release date: September 25 2013
Publisher: Casey Peeler
Number of pages: 305
My rating: 1.5/5 

Reading this book was like trying to march my way through a field of wet, squishy clay. It seemed that no matter how fast I read, this book remained slow. God, so slow…
Charley is finally in college after a hellish time in high school. She was drugged and raped in her last year of high school. She has a kind-of boyfriend who is a typical country cowboy, and also another kind-of boyfriend who is apparently super hot. She goes to college and goes to class, parties, and swims.
Now, you might look at my above synopsis and chastise me for doing such a half-assed job, but that’s all there really is in this book. We seriously follow Charley as she goes to random swim practise, and goes to the same club every Saturday night. These events weren’t really described in detail. If they were described in more detail, had some variation, or was actually relevant to the plot, then reading about all those events m…