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Deep Blue by Jules Barnard (Review)

Release date: March 6 2014

Publisher: Jules Barnard

Number of pages: 239

My Rating: 4/5

You know, I don’t usually like new adult books. Call me childish, but I typically much prefer reading young adult books. This book was a great representation of the new adult genre. Yes, it does have some romance in it. Yes, the guy is really hot and muscular. But this book had so much more in it, too.

Calista has got everything figured out. She got accepted into Harvard Law, she has a boyfriend, and is going to spend a summer in Lake Tahoe. She plans to spend the summer working to save money for tuition fees and trying to mend her friend Genevieve’s broken heart. All her plans go awry as her plans and her relationship with Eric falls apart.
Cali was a really relatable character. She’s in between college and grad school, and she faces a bit of a crisis as she tries to decide what she really wants and what she should do with her life. Her problems never feel exaggerated or menial. I think that a lot of pe…

Appaloosa Summer by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: June 15 2014

Publisher: Tudor Robins 

Number of pages: 244

My rating: 4/5

Note: an Appaloosa is a breed of horse.

As soon as I see a book about horses, my expectations immediately drop to the ground; I’ve just read too many bad ones. You know the ones: an important competition, a rich girl who is weirdly competitive, and then the main character always wins everything.
Thankfully, this was not one of those books.
After losing her beloved horse Major at a jumping competition, Megan is heartbroken. She goes to an island off the coast of Canada to work for two family friends at a bed and breakfast. She meets a guy on a tractor named Jared, and ends up getting an appaloosa named Salem in return for working cattle. Megan must train Salem to compete in a show jumping competition.
Ok, I admit it: my above description of the book is pretty poor. Don’t be fooled though, it’s a lot better than what I just made it sound like.
I loved Megan and Jared. They were both awesome people on their o…

ARV-3 by Cameo Renae (Review)

Release date: November 26 2013

Publisher: Indie Inked

Number of pages: 370

My rating: DNF

I did not finish this book. My review is for the first 260 pages only.

This is probably one of the worst books I've read (or attempted to read) this year. Right from the beginning the book was fraught with problems. Bad world building and one dimensional characters were just two of the problems. Ultimately, as my hatred for this book become more and more potent, I gave up on it.

ARV-3 is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the earth or the sun shifted and then all the nuclear power plants screwed and killed everyone. Abigail Park's (Abi) family hid in an underground bunker for 13 years until the nuclear radiation started to fade away and the surface would become safe again. Unfortunately, for those who did not have a secret bunker, they would be vaccinated against radiation (theoretically, can that even happen?). This vaccination turned them into mutants called Arvies. Meanwhile, Abi's fa…