Objects in Mirror by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: 16 February 2016 (Re-release)

Publisher: Tudor Robins

Number of pages: 226

My rating: 4/5

*Minor spoilers ahead!*
First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to Tudor for getting the rights back to Objects in Mirror! Objects is a good book that does deal with some difficult issues, but unfortunately it didn’t particularly stand out to me.
Grace’s summer is ruined when the horse she rides, Sprite, gets sold to a new owner. She gets offered a job working at the barn alongside a guy called Matt instead. However, the eating disorder she has been struggling with threatens to ruin everything.
Grace is a lovely character, typical of a teenage girl. I really loved the way that Tudor portrays her eating disorder (just to be clear, I think that anorexia is a terrible disorder and a real problem, especially among teens. I just like the way that Tudor wrote about it). Her anorexia begins before the book, so you meet her partway through her struggle with it, and you gain a lot of insight …

A (Long Overdue) Update!

So, you may have realised that I don't post very often anymore. In fact, I've left it so long that it's been almost a year! This was not on purpose, I was supposed to post my review for Join Up months and months ago, and I actually finished one or two more reviews around 4 months ago, although I forgot to post (quite honestly, posting reviews is the most laborious and boring part of the review processs. I tent to post my reviews on several platforms so do a lot of copy and pasting).

Anyway, I've finished my second year of university! I have a part time retail job.

The biggest thing that has changed for me is discovering ice skating! I am very much committed to skating, and also volunteer at competitions and such. Unfortunately, this has taken me away from horse riding. :( My reasoning behind this is that figure skating must be done while I am young! But horse riding can be done when I'm a bit older. Who knows what will happen... I would still very much like to own a …

Faults by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: November 2016
Publisher: Tudor Robins
Number of pages: 260
My rating: 4.5/5

The fourth book in Tudor Robins’ Island series, Faults, offers a fresh perspective on The Island. I was expecting something quite different to what I got. The first two books of the series were centred around Meg and Jared. The third was centred around Lacey, who appeared regularly in the first two books and is Jared’s cousin. This one takes a step away from the usual characters in the first three books and chooses to focus on two new characters, Austen and Rand. It follows the two characters as they work through the summer and explore their budding relationship. Oh, and there’s a horse, too. There’s always a horse. :)

Austen is the ultimate good girl. With two overprotective parents and a sick sister, she always has to be available for her family. She always does what is best for her family, even if she doesn’t want to. Rand, after getting in trouble back on Toronto, gets sent to The Island for the s…

Join Up by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: 19 December 2015

Publisher: Tudor Robins

Number of Pages: 224

My rating: 4/5

I am a colossal idiot. I was sent this book for review months and months ago. I read it, and I've re read it several times since. I had almost completed my review.... And then I forgot to finish and post it. *sigh* Well here it is! My last re read was a week or two ago, so it's still fresh in my mind.

Eek, this was what I thought was going to be the last book in the Island Trilogy! But according to Tudor Robins’ blog, she’s realised that maybe it shouldn’t be a trilogy. Score!
And furthermore, this book isn’t about Meg and Jared anymore, it’s about Lacey! She’s definitely my favourite character in the series. 

Join Up follows Lacey as she works at a posh riding camp over the summer with her friend, Carly. The hours are long, the pay is bad, plus there’s this guy called Fitch… Oh, and a horse called Night. 
I have to say that I really did enjoy this book! I really liked the fact that the book was…

Showdown by Brittney Joy (Review)

Release date: December 19 2014
Publisher: Brittney Joy (via Createspace)
Number of pages: 222 pages
My rating: 4.5/5 stars
Wow, I finally got around to reviewing this after, um… like two months? Oops… I did love this book but I got flooded with homework and work commitments for a while. (And then I got lazy). But really, I couldn't put this book down until I finished! I read both of them in one night, sacrificing sleep.
Lucy goes along with Taylor to a large horse show over a weekend. The two girls did not get along at all in Lucy’s Chance (the first book), but Lucy ends up being Taylor’s helper over the weekend. Taylor is determined to win, and Lucy is just determined to survive the weekend. The book is told from both Lucy and Taylor’s point of views.
Lucy is just as awesome as always. She’s the typical hardworking girl who loves her horse but isn’t really into the whole show scene. She and Chance have a really great relationship, and as always, I really loved reading about her and he…

Lucy's Chance (Red Rock Ranch #1) Review

Release date: April 15 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Number of Pages: 186
My rating: 3.5/5
I really enjoyed this book. It was a little bit choppy in some places, but it was definitely a really fun summer read.
Lucy gets summer job at Red Rock Ranch. She meets Casey, a handsome and kind cowboy. Unfortunately, Taylor Johnson, rich and talented, has her claws in him. When a wild horse comes out of nowhere, Lucy makes it her mission to whip him up into a ranch horse.
Lucy and Casey were pretty sweet characters. Both were hard workers and great people. Both are determined to save the black horse.
Unfortunately I had a bit of a problem with Taylor for most of the book. Taylor is a talented rider who is very competitive. She’s really possessive of Casey and is just cruel to Lucy for no reason. I really didn’t see the reasoning behind her behaviour in this book. I actually grew to like Taylor in the second book, but that’s another story. I wish that we were given a little more insight into Taylor a …

Frost Fire by Olivia Rivers Review

Release date: November 20 2012
Publisher: Red Sparrow Press
Number of pages: 335
My rating: 2/5 stars
I’m sad to admit that I did not enjoy this book. I really enjoy a good paranormal series and Olivia Rivers is a very young author, so I guess I wanted this one to be good.
I apologise for my poor synopsis. I did not pay enough attention in the beginning of the book and it flew over my head.
Allai is a part demon who lives in some kind of mansion under a secret society for paranormal creatures. She does not possess any special powers or forms, unlike the others she lives with. Allai’s life is in danger and she becomes intrusted in the hands of Drake, a demon who once tried to harm her.
Allai was my biggest problem with this book. Look, I understand that not all female characters have to be badasses. In fact, I oppose that. A strong or developed female character does not necessarily have to be some kind of highly trained combat fighter. But I do expect the female characters I read about to be…