Frost Fire by Olivia Rivers Review

Release date: November 20 2012

Publisher: Red Sparrow Press

Number of pages: 335

My rating: 2/5 stars

I’m sad to admit that I did not enjoy this book. I really enjoy a good paranormal series and Olivia Rivers is a very young author, so I guess I wanted this one to be good.

I apologise for my poor synopsis. I did not pay enough attention in the beginning of the book and it flew over my head.

Allai is a part demon who lives in some kind of mansion under a secret society for paranormal creatures. She does not possess any special powers or forms, unlike the others she lives with. Allai’s life is in danger and she becomes intrusted in the hands of Drake, a demon who once tried to harm her.

Allai was my biggest problem with this book. Look, I understand that not all female characters have to be badasses. In fact, I oppose that. A strong or developed female character does not necessarily have to be some kind of highly trained combat fighter. But I do expect the female characters I read about to be developed and to be… useful. I think that Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars is a good example of some of the characteristics I expect from a female character. She has her own opinions and does not lay down and die. She’s developed and has interests. She’s not going to save the world anytime soon and she’s not extraordinary (although I do enjoy characters who are those things). Okay, I’m being pretty vague here, but these are the things I expect from EVERY character.

Allai does not have any of these things. She is so amazingly useless that I’m not even sure how someone like that could exist. She seems to put herself in dangerous situations just to get in the way. She seems to flop down and give up many times in this book while others drag her around.

I do not expect Allai to kill every demon in sight. I do not even expect her to be brave. But I expect her to have some kind of common sense and a will to live.
Drake was not any better. Just some moody, brooding guy. Pass.

Luke was just an overprotective jerk. Yawn. For some reason he never wears shirts, which might have been some kind of vague attempt make him interesting and hot. Yeah no. Describing the overprotective jerk as being shirtless just makes me think that he’s weird and has no consideration for others.

Why the hell does Allai need so many people taking care of her all the time? She can’t seem to do anything for herself. These two guys are her protectors, her way of gaining knowledge, and pretty much keep her alive.

I know nothing about Allai. I just read an entire book on her and I have no idea about her personality, her interests, what she does in her spare time, etc.
On another note, what is up with the whole paranormal society? There are French ambassadors who are evil and kind of stereotypical… Why are the French boss of the paranormal society? I just don’t understand…

Not a lot happens in this book. To be honest, it felt more like a prequel. There is a big reveal, but this doesn’t really come into play seriously.

Frost Fire is ultimately a rather uninteresting book, topped off with a weak protagonist and controlling, aggressive side characters. It wasn’t completely awful, but it definitely wasn’t good. I do have respect for Olivia Rivers for having the courage and dedication to self-publish her book at such a young age, but for me it isn’t about the age of an author, it’s about the book itself. I’m glad that she has courage and commitment (something that young people tend to lack) so I hope she keeps going!


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