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One Hundred and Four Horses by Mandy Retzlaff (ARC Review)

Release date: July 1 2013 Publisher: HarperCollins Australia Number of pages: 382 My rating: 2.5/5 A fascinating memoir about a horse-loving family, One Hundred and Four Horses seems to be a fascinating story of love, loss, and family. However, my interest quickly waned around halfway through.
This memoir follows the story of Mandy Retzlaff, her husband Pat Retzlaff, their three kids, and their horses (eventually 104 of them). The story is set in Zimbabwe during tough times. A person called Mugabe and a bunch of war vets are evicting white farmers from their farms, often turning into violence. When farmers start leaving Zimbabwe and abandoning their horses, the Retzlaffs start saving horses. They have to find a way to survive and save their horses in a country full of conflict.
The weakest point in this book was the lack of explanation. I honestly don’t have any knowledge of what happened in Zimbabwe, and I sure didn’t get any explanation here. It is established that Mugabe is brutal, but I…