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Frost Fire by Olivia Rivers Review

Release date: November 20 2012
Publisher: Red Sparrow Press
Number of pages: 335
My rating: 2/5 stars
I’m sad to admit that I did not enjoy this book. I really enjoy a good paranormal series and Olivia Rivers is a very young author, so I guess I wanted this one to be good.
I apologise for my poor synopsis. I did not pay enough attention in the beginning of the book and it flew over my head.
Allai is a part demon who lives in some kind of mansion under a secret society for paranormal creatures. She does not possess any special powers or forms, unlike the others she lives with. Allai’s life is in danger and she becomes intrusted in the hands of Drake, a demon who once tried to harm her.
Allai was my biggest problem with this book. Look, I understand that not all female characters have to be badasses. In fact, I oppose that. A strong or developed female character does not necessarily have to be some kind of highly trained combat fighter. But I do expect the female characters I read about to be…