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Wednesday Riders by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: 16 February 2015
Publisher: Tudor Robins
Number of pages: 181
My rating: 3/5
Wednesday Ridersfocuses more on the personal issues of grief and finding one’s identity than on horses. I do appreciate this; after all, there is more to life than horses! However, I found that all the drama in Wednesday Riders took up a bit too much time and didn’t allow for the other parts of the plot to really shine.
Wednesday Riders takes place a year after Appaloosa Summer. Meg returns to The Island, hoping to spend another summer working at Carl and Betsy’s B and B while continuing her romance with Jared. However, a confession from Jared changes everything. Besides that, Meg finds herself in charge of coaching a group of kids for a musical ride, which proves to be no easy task.
Holy crap, there was so much conflict in this. Meg and Jared’s relationship issues really took up a lot of the book. Unlike Appaloosa Summer, I didn’t enjoy the way that grief was featured in this book. Meg whines and cr…