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Picture Me by Lori Weber (ARC Review)

Release date: 20 September 2013 Publisher: James Lorimer & Company Number of pages: 168 My rating: 2/5 This book does have some good aspects to it, but those good aspects are soon overwhelmed by poor writing, narrative voices, and a terrible ending.
Picture Me is a book focused on teen bullying and other issues often faced, including teen obesity, self-image issues, eating disorders, drugs, and the loss of a parent. It is told from three perspectives. Krista is the obese person being bullied, Tessa is Krista’s friend who has lost her father from an IED in Afghanistan, and Chelsea is the bully who is dealing with a sleazy boyfriend and an ignorant mum.
Even though there isn’t really meant to be a single main character, I felt like Tessa was the main character. She seemed to get more space than the others in the book. She is the best developed and probably the most relatable. She lost her father in Afghanistan a while ago, and her family struggles with financial issues. She is a witness t…

External Forces by Deborah Rix (Review)

Release date: September 15 2013

Publisher: Dime Store Books

Number of pages: 264

My rating: 2/5

Well… this is very… strange.

I’m 99% sure that this is a rip off of Divergent.
But, the usual stuff first.
External Forces is about a girl called Jess. She lives in a dystopian society which is united against a special group of people known as the Deviant. She joins the army to fight against these Deviant people. She makes friends, and then becomes freakishly popular. She develops a crush on her instructor, Matt and they plot to escape the army.
The characters were pretty poor. I didn’t give a shit about any of them except Sheree. They were all pretty unremarkable. Matt was the typical mysterious person, Jess was average, and Jay was a bore. Sheree pretty much saved this book for me. She was badass and awesome, and I freaking loved her.
Honestly, the plot is pretty confusing. There’s some twisted religion stuff about God’s Fury and angel messages that aren’t well explained. There’s all this data a…