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The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey (Review)

Release date: May 7 2013

Publisher: Puffin

Number of pages: 457

My rating: 3/5

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

My biggest disappointment of the year. (AKA The Fifth Wave)

I was fully prepared to meet the unlimited awesome of this book. 90% of the reviews were positive, and it sounded like the type of book I would definitely love. When my copy arrived in the post, I started yelling, jumping around the house, and waving it in my sister's face. (Yeah... I can be a tad immature)

This book was not worth all that excitement.

It started off great. Cassie was awesome. The alien invasion was actually interesting. The flashbacks and her backstory were also awesome.

Then it switched POVs.

I had no idea who was talking and what was happening.

"My name is Zombie."

Wait, what?

The POVs changed so frequently, and while Cassie was the main character, we get to read from the POV of her brother and her love interest in high school.

Wait, what?

And then, the plot took a whole bunch of twists and tur…

Afterlife by S.P Cloward (Review)

Release date: September 11 2012

Publisher: S.P. Cloward

Number of pages: 268

My rating: 4/5

Holy crap, this was awesome! I was honestly not looking forward to reading this. I tend to avoid zombies on a whole, because they turn to be boring. And they creep me out. I was so wrong about this book.

Afterlife is about an ancient race of people (Mortuis) who have a special gene that prevents the soul from severing from the body when they die prematurely. They operate in organisations. Wes, our main character becomes one of them and joins a mortui organisation called Afterlife. He learns how to be a Mortui, including how to feed by sucking the life out of a person. Everything with a rival organisation called the Atumra sort of goes a bit pear shaped after that as Seth, an important person in Atumra start's disturbing the relationship between Mortuis and humans (or antemorts).

The idea for this book was so original. There aren't many zombie books, but most of them feature lifeless corpses …

The Post Awesome Reading Rut

After reading a particulary awesome book, I often experience something I like to call the Post Awesome Reading Rut. It's something I experience around every 2-8 weeks, and it almost completely halts my reading routine.

The reading routine of a book blogger is quite busy. ARCs, review requests, blog tours, and other books as well. You have to keep reading and reviewing, or else your blog will remain unupdated forever.

I usually stick to this routine very well, unless I read an amazing book.

You know the type. The type that is flawless, and leaves your mind reeling even days after you finish. The normal person soon moves on to another book, leaving the previous one on the book shelf to be read again in a few months.

However, I fall into a rut. I reread it immediately after rereading it. I spend days fawning over it and reveling in it's awesomeness. Then I might even re-read it again. And then I re-read the other books in the series.

As you can probably tell, that process is quite t…

Quick Update!

Hello, I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently! I've been having back problems, and am finding it hard to sit down properly to write a new review. Posts will also be much more sporadic over the coming month because of exams and a heightened commitment to writing.

Anyway, don't give up on me just yet! My Unbreakable review should be up soon, I will be having a giveaway for The Flute Player, and a blog tour for Storm Dancer on June 10.

See you all soon, and happy reading!