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And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard (ARC Review)

Release date: January 28 2014

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Number of pages: 240

My rating: 2/5

This is definitely not a book for me. However, I can see this being perfect for a poetry lover.
Emily Beam is at a boarding school after her boyfriend commits suicide. She makes a few friends and begins writing poetry to deal with her problems.

Hmm… I’m honestly not entirely sure about my feelings towards this book. The writing is absolutely beautiful, and the poems are fantastic. But like poetry, it can sometimes be hard to understand and find meaning in the book.
There are a lot of flashbacks in this book. While all of them were interesting, they disconnected me from the story. This is really about the aftermath of Emily’s boyfriend’s death and her trying to deal with it. Because of this, the entire story of Paul and Emily’s relationship is told through flashbacks. I would have preferred it if more of the book took place in the present.
Also, while I’m on the topic of time, why is this set in 1992? …

Keeping Secrets by Maggie Dana (Review)

Release date: November 1 2011 Publisher: Pageworks Press Number of pages: 176 My rating: 2/5 My feelings on the book can be accurately described by the phrase: “it’s not you, it’s me.” This book is just so clich├ęd, and I’ve become far too cynical for books like this. There’s no doubt that it’s well written and it’s definitely a decent book for anyone who loves horses, but I did have quite a few problems with this book.
Kate McGregor used to love horses a riding, but after a tragic accident that she was blamed for, she makes the decision to give up horses forever. She takes a summer job as a companion to Holly, a girl confined to a wheelchair. Problem is, Holly’s mother is a riding instructor and Holly loves horses. Kate’s secret is forced out into the open, and Angela Dean—the barn’s resident mean girl—has it out for her.
*sigh*. Does that synopsis sound like anything you’ve read before? That’s because the book is like almost every other horse book.
Let me summarise:
There’s a girl who either…