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To Be Reviewed

Hi everyone! I apoligise for not updating for a while, but it's near the end of the year, and exams and final reports are coming, so I've been very busy.

I definitely plan to read and review more books soon.

I will definitely be reviewing

I will try to get those reviews up soon.
Happy reading!

Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca

Release date: March 21 2012

Publisher: Compass Press

Number of pages: 344

My rating: 4/5

After reading Lacrimosa, I was pleasantly surprised. This book exceeded all expectations I had on it. There were quite a few flaws though, but a great plot and likeable characters make up for them (a bit).

Lacrimosa is the story of an Angel who has to come down to earth to kill an Unholy. When the sees him, she can't kill him because he's familiar to her somehow. Turns out the memories from their past lives aren't completely gone, and they were lovers 500 years ago. Nesy, the MC has to kill Aydan, and if she fails the mission, she will be cast down into the abyss.

The characters were good. I liked Nesy, the main character. She was interesting and nice. Aydan was pretty good as well. I liked Cass and Zane, Nesy's friends. The charactersdefinitely weren't the highlight of the book. While they were good and I had no problems with them, they were a bit dull at times, and the characters …