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Fall Line by Tudor Robins

Publishing date: 11 June 2015
Publisher: Tudor Robins
Number of pages: 204
My rating: 4/5
I really enjoyed Tudor Robins’ books about horses so when she contacted me about reviewing her latest book about skiing, I just had to say yes! Even though I don’t ski I really enjoyed reading about skiing and Chris and Tilly’s lives. So much training! Sigh, I wish I could ride/skate as much as they ski. Chris and Tilly have an incredible friendship in the book, and the skiing elements seem very authentic. However, the main disappointment of the novel was Jenna, who distracts Chris from his training, causing him to fall back.
The skiing season is approaching for Chris Myers and his best friend Tilly. They’re both competition skiers and Chris has a chance to make the district ski team. All is going well until Jenna comes along. Jenna is a major distraction to Chris and he begins to fall behind his teammates. He makes a lot of bad decisions and begins to lose Tilly in the process.
Chris and Tilly were in…