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Me Since You by Laura Wiess (ARC Review)

Release date: February 18 2014

Publisher: MTV books

Number of pages: 368

My rating: 4.5/5

This book left me an emotional wreck. It was so emotional, raw, and real. I loved almost every second of it, and it's one of the four books that have actually made me cry. (For some reason, I don't really cry while reading). 

Me Since You is about the events before and after the protagonist's father commits suicide. One day, he fails to save a man and his son from committing suicide off a bridge. He falls into depression and becomes hated on by most of the population. Rowan--the main character--feels guilty for setting off a chain of events that led to her father being called to the bridge. Eli, a good Samaritan tries to stop the man and his son but fails. Rowan's father eventually commits suicide, and both suicides impact on every character in the book.
Rowan is a likable and realistic protagonist. She's upset and weak for more of the book--as expected--but she never becomes whiny a…