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Objects in Mirror by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: 16 February 2016 (Re-release)

Publisher: Tudor Robins

Number of pages: 226

My rating: 4/5

*Minor spoilers ahead!*
First of all, I’d like to say congratulations to Tudor for getting the rights back to Objects in Mirror! Objects is a good book that does deal with some difficult issues, but unfortunately it didn’t particularly stand out to me.
Grace’s summer is ruined when the horse she rides, Sprite, gets sold to a new owner. She gets offered a job working at the barn alongside a guy called Matt instead. However, the eating disorder she has been struggling with threatens to ruin everything.
Grace is a lovely character, typical of a teenage girl. I really loved the way that Tudor portrays her eating disorder (just to be clear, I think that anorexia is a terrible disorder and a real problem, especially among teens. I just like the way that Tudor wrote about it). Her anorexia begins before the book, so you meet her partway through her struggle with it, and you gain a lot of insight …