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Catch Rider by Jennifer H Lyne (ARC Review)

Release date: June 4 2013 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group Number of pages: 228 My rating: 4/5 Note: due to Blogger being an absolute pain, the formatting for the cover and details are slightly different. Wow, what a great book! This is only the third young adult horse book I've read (most horse books are for younger readers) and it's looking pretty good so far. I enjoyed reading it, but I did have some issues with the beginning.
Catch Rider is about a girl called Sidney, or Sid. She wants to become a catch rider, which is a rider who gets paid to ride other people's horses. However, her harsh home life and lack of money are huge obstacles.

I really loved how realistic this was. The decision to have a main character with an alchoholic for an uncle, an abusive stepdad, and hardly enough money to pay the bills was a great change from the usual story about snotty rich girls. This added depth and personal growth to the book.

I had a HUGE problem with Sid…

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa (Review)

Release date: May 3 2013

Publisher: Mira Ink (Harlequin UK)

Number of pages: 434

My rating: 5/5

Warning: very minor spoilers for The Immortal Rules

Ohmygod. *hyperventilates*. OHMYGOD! Excuse me while I calm my myself down... (I'm pretty sure that being exposed to this level of awesomeness is really bad because it makes everything seem bad. Except for horses. And Unearthly. And Divergent. And a handful of other books that are just as good.)

This book should really warn readers about that.

Anyway, The Eternity Cure was FLAWLESS. I am serious. If you locked me into a dark room for 5 hours with the book, I still would not be able to find a single flaw. I was incredibly lucky, because when I ordered from The Book Depository, I recieved the book 9 days before the release date.

The Eternity Cure follows new vampire Allison Sekemoto as she tries to rescue her creator, Kanin from psycho vampire Sarren. She reluctantly teams up with her blood brother, Jackal. She meets some other people from her p…

Riding on Air by Maggie Gilbert (ARC Review)

Release date: April 2013

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Number of pages: 127

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

Wow, this book was an amazing breath of fresh air for me. So why did I only give it 3.5/5 stars? Even though I enjoyed it a lot, and it stands out well from the rest of the pack, there was a lot that could've been done better.

Ok, I love horses. A lot. Even more than reading. Yet, last year, I gave up on horse books. Why? Because 90% of horse books follow one of these stock plots:

Plot A
Girl can't have a horse.
Girl finds abandoned/wild/troubled horse.
Girl bonds with horse.
They win a competition/everything is perfect!

Plot B
Spoilt rich brats ride horses.
Ride horses for around 2 pages.
Mundane teen rich girl bitchy drama that makes me want to claw my eyes out.

Plot C
Hardworking girl has trouble with her horse.
She becomes better.
They win a competition.

This is ridiculous. Horse books have become so boring for me. And besides that, most horse books are middle grade. I've …

The Bane by Keary Taylor

Release date: 5 March 2013

Publisher: Keary Taylor

Number of pages: 352

My rating: 4/5

The Bane was awesome! It was an exciting and original read. I enjoyed reading it very much.

The Bane is a story about technology gone wrong. Scientists create a new treatment, which allows new cybernetic organs to replace damaged ones. This technology goes wrong when the cybernetic parts spread all over their body, replacing their humanity and turning them into monsters. The infection spread by touch – one touch is all it takes. Most of humanity is wiped out. Eden is a small group of about 30 people who are trying to survive. We follow Eden as they try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.
The characters and relationships were probably the lowest part of the novel. Our main character, Eve was pretty kickass. She knew how to fend for herself. She reminded me of Katniss from The Hunger Games. Both girls are just trying to survive, but I felt that Katniss was far more developed than Eve. There’s the cam…

AfterLife by S.P. Cloward (Amazon Freebie!)

Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys that S.P. Cloward's book AfterLife is free on Amazon today!

You can buy it here:


Prior to recorded history, a small genetic mutation occurred that created a race of humans now found among every civilization in every corner of the globe. Unrecognizable to the rest of mankind but living among us and dependent upon humans for survival, this race is known as Mortui; those whose spirits do not sever from their bodies when they die. They are the source of all living dead legends. At the time of his premature death, Wesley Lohmann discovers he belongs to this select group. Wes' transition plunges him into the center of a struggle between those who seek to coexist peacefully with humans and those who wish to use and rule them, a struggle that carries over into the treacherous world of dreams. The delicate balance human and post-human societies have maintained for millennia is threatened by a …

The Academy: Game On by Monica Seles and James LaRosa (ARC Review)

Release date: 1 July 2013

Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

Number of pages: 256

My rating: 1/5

The tagline for this book might as well be:

In a tennis academy, screw tennis. Yay for teen drama!!

This book is apparently for fans of the Gallagher Girls. Well, thanks for the lie.

This book was pathetic. Everything about it like characterisation, plot, tennis content, and common sense fails. I felt like clawing my eyes out after a few paragraphs.

The Academy: Game On is about a top notch sporting school. It offers many sports. Our main character, Maya has earned a scholarship to come and train with the best. On the way, she meets heaps of bitches, and two awesome friends. Together, they try to navigate The Academy.

I actually like tennis. Not nearly as much as horse riding, but it's a great sport. I was looking forward to this sport, because I was hoping to learn more about tennis, and how the professional world actually works. According to this book, professional tennis is all about who you da…

Ice Country by David Estes!

Ice Country (The Country Saga #2)
by David Estes.

Book Synopsis

Dazz, a hard-edged, fun-loving Icer, likes fighting, particularly while at his favorite watering hole. However, while recovering from a particularly bad break up, his decision to engage in a brutal pubroom brawl leads to a series of events that t