The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa (Review)

Release date: May 3 2013

Publisher: Mira Ink (Harlequin UK)

Number of pages: 434

My rating: 5/5

Warning: very minor spoilers for The Immortal Rules

Ohmygod. *hyperventilates*. OHMYGOD! Excuse me while I calm my myself down... (I'm pretty sure that being exposed to this level of awesomeness is really bad because it makes everything seem bad. Except for horses. And Unearthly. And Divergent. And a handful of other books that are just as good.)

This book should really warn readers about that.

Anyway, The Eternity Cure was FLAWLESS. I am serious. If you locked me into a dark room for 5 hours with the book, I still would not be able to find a single flaw. I was incredibly lucky, because when I ordered from The Book Depository, I recieved the book 9 days before the release date.

The Eternity Cure follows new vampire Allison Sekemoto as she tries to rescue her creator, Kanin from psycho vampire Sarren. She reluctantly teams up with her blood brother, Jackal. She meets some other people from her past (who I will not spoil for you). Unfortunately, a new, stronger version of the Red Lung Virus that threatens both vampires and humans rises up. Allison and her gang must rescue Kanin, find a cure to the new virus, and defeat Sarren.

If you are worried because you were unsure of The Immortal Rules, you will love this. The Eternity Cure is better in every way. Zeke bored me in the first book, but he engaged me in this one. Jackal and Kanin developed into amazing, deep and interesting characters. Even the plot is better. Kagawa really pulled out all the stops with The Eternity Cure.

I feel like hugging all the characters. I loved every single one. Even the douchebag evil villians. Even damn character was so well developed. Every single person had an amazing personality. Allie was just as kickass as before (if not more). I even loved Sarren, even though he creeps me out.

However, my absolute favorite characters in this book were Kanin and Jackal.

Oh god, just marry me already!


Jackal was a major jackass. He was funny, and I lit up every time he appeared. Kanin was as wise, mysterious and awesome as he was before (if not more).

One of the issues I had with The Immortal Rules was the pacing. It went really fast. Then it went annoyingly slow for the rest of the novel, while Allie travelled with Zeke and his group. The Eternity cures moves at an amazing pace. It's not too fast, but I did not feel bored at all.

The plot was awesome.

I'll cut this review shorter by just saying that everything was awesome.

The ending just made the entire book. It does end with a massive cliffhanger, but it's a good one. All shit hits the fan, and I was engaged all the way. I can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

And also, look at that awesome cover! (Referring to the UK one). The Aussie one is pretty good as well, and I loved how they switched to an Asian model. The US cover disappointed me, and I was angry and upset, thinking that the Australian and UK ones would be the same.

This book was an amazing, flawless sequel to The Immortal Rules. It is a huge improvement to the series, and I hope that the next book will be just as good.

If you haven't read The Eternity Cure, I definitely reccomend it! If you haven't read this series at all, then you should definitely grab yourself a copy.


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