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A (Long Overdue) Update!

So, you may have realised that I don't post very often anymore. In fact, I've left it so long that it's been almost a year! This was not on purpose, I was supposed to post my review for Join Up months and months ago, and I actually finished one or two more reviews around 4 months ago, although I forgot to post (quite honestly, posting reviews is the most laborious and boring part of the review processs. I tent to post my reviews on several platforms so do a lot of copy and pasting).

Anyway, I've finished my second year of university! I have a part time retail job.

The biggest thing that has changed for me is discovering ice skating! I am very much committed to skating, and also volunteer at competitions and such. Unfortunately, this has taken me away from horse riding. :( My reasoning behind this is that figure skating must be done while I am young! But horse riding can be done when I'm a bit older. Who knows what will happen... I would still very much like to own a …

Faults by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: November 2016
Publisher: Tudor Robins
Number of pages: 260
My rating: 4.5/5

The fourth book in Tudor Robins’ Island series, Faults, offers a fresh perspective on The Island. I was expecting something quite different to what I got. The first two books of the series were centred around Meg and Jared. The third was centred around Lacey, who appeared regularly in the first two books and is Jared’s cousin. This one takes a step away from the usual characters in the first three books and chooses to focus on two new characters, Austen and Rand. It follows the two characters as they work through the summer and explore their budding relationship. Oh, and there’s a horse, too. There’s always a horse. :)

Austen is the ultimate good girl. With two overprotective parents and a sick sister, she always has to be available for her family. She always does what is best for her family, even if she doesn’t want to. Rand, after getting in trouble back on Toronto, gets sent to The Island for the s…

Join Up by Tudor Robins (Review)

Release date: 19 December 2015

Publisher: Tudor Robins

Number of Pages: 224

My rating: 4/5

I am a colossal idiot. I was sent this book for review months and months ago. I read it, and I've re read it several times since. I had almost completed my review.... And then I forgot to finish and post it. *sigh* Well here it is! My last re read was a week or two ago, so it's still fresh in my mind.

Eek, this was what I thought was going to be the last book in the Island Trilogy! But according to Tudor Robins’ blog, she’s realised that maybe it shouldn’t be a trilogy. Score!
And furthermore, this book isn’t about Meg and Jared anymore, it’s about Lacey! She’s definitely my favourite character in the series. 

Join Up follows Lacey as she works at a posh riding camp over the summer with her friend, Carly. The hours are long, the pay is bad, plus there’s this guy called Fitch… Oh, and a horse called Night. 
I have to say that I really did enjoy this book! I really liked the fact that the book was…