A (Long Overdue) Update!

So, you may have realised that I don't post very often anymore. In fact, I've left it so long that it's been almost a year! This was not on purpose, I was supposed to post my review for Join Up months and months ago, and I actually finished one or two more reviews around 4 months ago, although I forgot to post (quite honestly, posting reviews is the most laborious and boring part of the review processs. I tent to post my reviews on several platforms so do a lot of copy and pasting).

Anyway, I've finished my second year of university! I have a part time retail job.

The biggest thing that has changed for me is discovering ice skating! I am very much committed to skating, and also volunteer at competitions and such. Unfortunately, this has taken me away from horse riding. :( My reasoning behind this is that figure skating must be done while I am young! But horse riding can be done when I'm a bit older. Who knows what will happen... I would still very much like to own a horse one day, even if it was just a companion horse.

It's become a bit difficult to keep up with all my hobbies outside of skating... Sometimes I get lazy and just stay at home and watch TV, haha. I find this quite sad, because there are so many things that make me happy, but I will never have the time and money to commit to them all fully.

I still read a fair bit! I recently finished Something In Between by Melissa De La Cruz and enjoyed it! I really must review it and stop being lazy, haha. 

I read less often now. I often reread books on my kindle app when I am on public transport (so a lot), but I don't read new books as often. I think that sometimes I find it a bit harder to get into books nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I can still fly through a book that I love, but sometimes I buy new books and abandon them not too long later due to a lack of interest. :/ I feel like I have always done this a bit, although it may be a bit worse now.

I feel like as I've gotten older, I've become a slightly more levelheaded, fair, and less profane person in my reviews. I think that I analyse books better and also understand how to be fair to the authors that I review. Hopefully I continue to get better at this. I am actually a bit embarassed about my old reviews! Some of them were so bad... And some of them were so angry and basically trashing the book! I still write negative reviews and don't think there is anything wrong with an honest, negative review. However, I don't think I will type as angrily as I used to. I feel like a lot of my old reviews could be a bit too harsh.

Anyway, my life is good! I am very happy. University is coming along great, I have some amazing friends, and I've really found a passion in ice skating. Reading and writing will forever be a much treasured part of my life... I just don't have as much time and energy for it like I did a few years ago.

You can still see me around Goodreads and my blog! I'll be continuing to read and review, although it will probably be more sporadic from now on. :(


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