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The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (ARC Review)

Release date: December 11 2012

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

Number of Pages: 496

My rating: 3/5

The Darkest Minds was a great read. There was a lot to like in the novel, but some aspects of the book lacked a little.

The Darkest Minds is about the USA in the future. A deadly disease sweeps America, but it only affects children. Those who survive end up with horrifying powers. The kids with powers are considered dangerous, and depending on the "colour" (or type of ability), they are either placed in camps or exterminated. Ruby is one of the dangerous ones. She skipped detection as an orange (who can control minds and were exterminated), and somehow passed as a green. The Children's League, a terrorist organisation breaks Ruby out, but when Ruby sees one of her rescuer's memories (of him executing two kids), she runs. She runs into three runaway Psi (or kids with special abilities). And they all go on a road trip to find the East River, where a group of Psi are rumored…

And All the Stars by Andrea K Host (Review)

Release date: September 30 2012

Publisher: Andrea K Host

Number of pages: 204

My rating: 3/5

And All the Stars was a great book. The first half was interesting and compelling. I could hardly put the book down. However, the second half lost a lot of my attention. This novel is incredibly creative, featuring a plot unlike any other.

And All the Stars is told from Madeleine Cost's perspective. In every city around the world, massive pointy towers (spires) appear suddenly, spewing dust. The fust makes people very sick, turning parts of them blue or green. The blues and greens are very different, and later on in the story, the take on very different paths.

And All the Stars is one of those stories when knowing less is better. Although I shouldn't reveal too much about the plot, I can assure you that it's amazing and creative.

Our main character Madeleine is a good protagonist. Sometimes I felt that we didn't get a really good look into her personality. There was very little worldb…

Model Spy by Shannon Greenland (ARC review)

Release date: May 10 2007

Publisher: Penguin
Number of pages: 224

My rating: 1.5/5

Model Spy just fell flat for me on so many levels. I did not enjoy reading it, and found the story quite cheesy and unbelievable.

Model Spy is about a teen genius (yeah, right) who hacks into a government database. The government finds out, and she gets recruited by an angency called the specialists. She soon has to go undercover in Ushbania as a model to try and locate her friend's father.


So, Kelly hacked through 9 out of the 18 levels in the government database, which is as far as anyone's ever gotten. She mentions that the passwords were very cleverly coded in the numbers of Pascal's triangle.

Firstly, the pattern of Pascal's triangle is incredibly simple. I could recite all the lines to you right now, even though I suck at maths and only passed my exam by 4 marks. I seriously doubt that the GOVERNMENT would encode their passwords with such simple pattern, and that she was the first o…

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt (Review)

Release date: January 10 2012

Publisher: Sand Dollar Press

Number of pages: 307

My rating: 1/5

This review contains a lot of swearing and anger. Consider yourself warned.

Note: I did not finish this book. This review and rating is based on the first 55% of the book ONLY.This is one of the worst books I've ever read. It generated a lot of buzz here on Goodreads because of the racist content. Not only is this book incredibly racist, it is also badly written, shallow, and stupid.

Revealing Eden is set in a post apocalyptic world where white people (pearls) are the minority and black people are the ruling class, because the sun got way too strong, and white people died from "The Heat." Black people (coals) lived on because they were immune to the harsh effects of the sun.

Firstly, if the sun was really that strong, the people with dark skin would not have survived. Just because they have darker skin and are less prone to burning and skin cancer does not mean they are immune to suc…

Parallel Visions by Cheryl Rainfield (ARC Review)

Release date: November 20 2012

Publisher: Rain and Sun Press

Number of pages: 146

My rating: 4/5

Parallel visions is a great read. It was very short, and only took me around half an hour to read. It adresses a lot of issues, such as abuse, rape, and depression.

Parallel visions is told from the perspective of Kate, who suffers from severe asthma. She gets visions of the futue and the past when she has a bad attack, and after she sees a friend's sister commiting suicide and her own sister being attacked by her own husband, she decides to take action.

In a lot of ways, this book reminded me of Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T Michelle. Both main characters from each book could see the future, and they both intervened. However, this book was still very unique and fun to read.

Kate was an incredibly brave character. I suffer from asthma too, but thankfully mine isn't nearly as bad as hers. She tries to trigger attacks so she can see more of the future. With asthma severe as Kate's,…

Devil's Bargain by Rachel Caine (ARC Review)

Release date: October 7 2012

Publisher: Mira

Number of Pages: 304

My rating:2.5/5

Devil's bargain is one of those books where the beginning is absolute crap, but the end becomes awesome. For the first two-thirds of the book, my mind was begging for me to put it down. And then in the end, I probably couldn't have put it down if I tried.

Devil's Bargain is told from the perspective of Jazz Callendar. When a mysterious stranger, James Borden, comes up and offers her money to start her own investigation company, she accepts it and starts an investigation company with another woman called Lucia. They can do whatever they want, but when they get delivered a red letter, they must complete the task as quickly as possible. Other stuff happens, but it can't be revealed without giving away spoilers.

The action starts very late in the book. Sure there are a few fights and some conflict in the first half, but the REAL action starts very late.

I also found the title and synopsis of this bo…

Shadowhunters and Downworlders (ARC review)

Contributing authors:
Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Kate Milford, Diana Peterfreund, Sara Ryan, Scott Tracey, Robin Wasserman, Kendare Blake, Gwenda Bond, Sarah Rees Brennan, Rachel Caine, Sarah Cross, Kami Garcia, Michelle Hodkin, Kelly Link 

Release date: January 29 2013

Publisher: Smartpop

Number of pages: 256

My rating: 2/5

NOTE: I did not finish this book. This review and my rating are based on the first 55% of this book ONLY.
This book just really wasn't for me.

Let's get one thing straight: I am not a fan of the series. I did read the first three books in The Mortal Instruments, and I enjoyed the third one mildly.

You don't really have to be a fan of the series to read this book though. This book offers a lot of insight to the finer points of the series.

The articles were very detailed, but I didn't really enjoy reading them. They weren't very interesting to me at all. I think only someone who is very, very interested in digging deeper in TMI series should read this…

The Christmas Pony by Alren Blumenhagen (Review)

Release date: November 15 2012

Publisher: Untreed Reads

Number of pages: 23

My rating: 2/5

This book was disappointing. I expected to find a fun book about horses. Instead I found a disappointing, boring mess.

The Christmas Pony is about two children who get a pony for Christmas. They promptly lose the pony, and have to wander off into the forest to find it, where they become lost. Their parents, the police, and many helpers go out to find them.

This book only took me around 15 minutes to read. Being a children's book, I didn't expect much of a plot, but I certainly didn't expect this.

There is only a small plot. Most of the book is taken up by pointless scenes of children wandering through the forest. The scenes between the parents are also very boring.

The ending was not good, and I believe that the issues were not solved very well. All problems were just magically solved very quickly. The reader is just expected to play along with it.

As I said before, this book is a children&…

3 Things You Can Do To Make Me Very, Very Angry

Well, things have been kind of stagnant lately, so I decided to shake things up by a litte. This is a letter to all authors about what they can do to make me very, very angry.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion, and also, I may be full of crap, so take this with a grain of salt.

7/12/2012 Dear Authors,
I love you all very much. Without authors, there would be no books, and therefore my life would be very depressing. You make all the books that I love and hate.

However, a couple of you get me really, really pissed off. Now, you really don't want that, because when I get pissed off at an author, I refuse to buy their books and I go off on a tangent to every one of my friends that actually read about how shitty their books are and why no one should ever read it.

This is your guide of things NOT to do, unless you hate me so much you want me to tear my hair out and scream.

Three things you can do to make me very, very angry:

1) Plaigarise.

Plaigarism is not to be tolerated. Ever. You shoul…

The Moon Dwellers by David Estes (Review)

Publisher: David Estes

Release date: June 27 2012

Number of pages: 369

My rating: 4.5/5

My. God. I really wasn't expecting much from The Moon Dwellers. I certainly didn't expect it to come out and smack me in the face with awesomeness. David Estes has been one of my Goodreads friends for ages, but I never thought to read his book. Self published books are tricky. around %80 of them are crap. %15 are alright, and %5 of them are great! Fortunately, this book falls into the %5 of self pubbed books which are great.

The Moon Dwellers is set in an underground dystopian society, where humans were forced to move after massive tsunamis swept the earth. The area is seperated into three realms, the Moon realm, the Star realm and the Sun realm. The Sun realm is the ruling class, with the most resources. The Moon and Star realms are poor, hardly scraping though. Our main character, Adele is serving a life sentence in jail for treason. She makes two friends, Cole and Tawni. When the president…


Hi! I apoligise for my absence, but exams are over and I have 3 days of school left until , so things should start to pick up soon. I recently got a whole bunch of books from Netgalley, one from a Read to Review program, and two books from Big W.

Here are the books I will be reviewing soon:

I'm looking forward to reading all of these (except maybe Shadowhunters and Downworlders). Hopefully I can get all these reviews up by the end of December.
And also, just a side comment: Look at the cover for A Shimmer of Angels! It's so pretty! :O
Happy reading!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (Review)

Release date: September 27 2011

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company

Number of pages: 417

My rating: 3.5/5

Daughter of Smoke and Bone was amazing. It was interesting, mysterious, and I couldn’t put it down.

And then Akiva showed up. Boring, plain, stupid Akiva.

The book pretty much died and fell out of the sky after that.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is about angels and demon. It’s definitely not your typical angel and demon story. It’s very different. I loved the idea of a wishmonger. The plot was pretty good, right up until the middle.

The characters were pretty great. I loved Karou, she was so interesting and awesome. I liked Zuzanna and Kaz, who was hilarious. The worst character by far was Akiva. Everyone else was so interesting, but he was so boring.

The best character by far was Brimstone. He was so interesting and mysterious. He had a soft side as well, and I loved Karou’s memories of him raising her. One of my favourite scenes in the book is when Karou describes her first memory of hi…

In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni (Review)

Release date: May 5 2012

Publisher: Cassandra Giovanni

Number of pages: 242

My rating: 1/5 stars

This review contains spoilers for In Between Seasons. This review also contains some swearing.

This was definitely not my type of book. I did not like anything about it and found it to be very bland and boring.

In Between Seasons is about a post apocalyptic world where different tribes are at war. Whenever you're born into a tribe, this defines who you are and what you believe in. Kate Ericson gets kidnapped from her tribe and discovers what the world around her truly is, and how dishonest her family really is. Her family even sends people to kill her, and she spends the majority of her time hiding out at her kidnapper's tribe.

The characters were so boring. Kate was so flat and dull. She had no personality, and she wasn't strong, or interesting, or funny. She didn't even seem like a real person. The other main character and love interest, Hunter was just as boring and unbelievab…

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (Review)

Release date: October 2 2012

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Number of pages: 369

My rating: 1/5 stars

No matter what I do,

No matter where I go,
I can never get my $12 back.

(Yes, that was my lame-ass attempt at a poem)

Horrible. Absolubtely awful. This book was a crappy mess. It was boring, frustrating, and made me want to tear my hair out. I hated it so much that on my German exam, I drew a picture of me burning the book in a fireplace.

Oh, where to begin?

Well, Poisons Princess is about sixteen year old Evie after a post apocalyptic event shatters the world. Evie experiences horrible hallucinations, but then she discovers that they're really visions of the future.

Unfortunately, Evie and Jackson (The love interest) both survive.

I would have given this book five stars if they had both died in the first chapter.

Evie is stupid. She's such a useless character, and she always has to rely on Jackson. She's portrayed as the typical popular girl, but not very well.

"No one ever sat a…