The Christmas Pony by Alren Blumenhagen (Review)

Release date: November 15 2012

Publisher: Untreed Reads

Number of pages: 23

My rating: 2/5

This book was disappointing. I expected to find a fun book about horses. Instead I found a disappointing, boring mess.

The Christmas Pony is about two children who get a pony for Christmas. They promptly lose the pony, and have to wander off into the forest to find it, where they become lost. Their parents, the police, and many helpers go out to find them.

This book only took me around 15 minutes to read. Being a children's book, I didn't expect much of a plot, but I certainly didn't expect this.

There is only a small plot. Most of the book is taken up by pointless scenes of children wandering through the forest. The scenes between the parents are also very boring.

The ending was not good, and I believe that the issues were not solved very well. All problems were just magically solved very quickly. The reader is just expected to play along with it.

As I said before, this book is a children's book. I found the following quote to be unsuitable and inappropiate for this book:

"If you wanted to take advantage of the kids being gone, and get naked and nasty all over the house, we'll understand that too."


"You just say the word." Harold tried his best to look serious. "And we'll all leave..." Pause; one, two, three... "And go stand outside so we can watch through the windows."

This is a CHILDREN'S book. Even if a child did understand it, they'd be very grossed out.

So, this book is too boring and simple for anyone over 10 to read, and also too inappropiate for anyone under 13 to read.

What a great combination. I have no idea what age bracket this book falls into now.

A combination of a boring plot and inappropiateness for children make this book a hard one to read. I would not reccomend this book.

2/5 stars.

A free copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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