3 Things You Can Do To Make Me Very, Very Angry

Well, things have been kind of stagnant lately, so I decided to shake things up by a litte. This is a letter to all authors about what they can do to make me very, very angry.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion, and also, I may be full of crap, so take this with a grain of salt.

Dear Authors,
I love you all very much. Without authors, there would be no books, and therefore my life would be very depressing. You make all the books that I love and hate.

However, a couple of you get me really, really pissed off. Now, you really don't want that, because when I get pissed off at an author, I refuse to buy their books and I go off on a tangent to every one of my friends that actually read about how shitty their books are and why no one should ever read it.

This is your guide of things NOT to do, unless you hate me so much you want me to tear my hair out and scream.

Three things you can do to make me very, very angry:

1) Plaigarise.

Plaigarism is not to be tolerated. Ever. You should never ever steal ideas from another person's work, or steal text directly from someone else's work. People put a lot of hard work into making a book as best as they possibly can. It isn't fair for someone to come along and steal it, all the while making money from it.

In my opinion, published, rewritten fanfiction is plaigarism.

Fanfiction is plaigarised, which is why fanfics can never be published. Fanfiction takes ideas,  characters, and settings from a text, and turns it into another story.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with fanfiction. They can be fun to read and write, but never rewrite it and published it.

Back to what I was saying; if you take a piece of fanfiction, change the names of characters and settings of the story, it is still fanfiction. A lot of the ideas and character personalities are still the same.

A big example of this is Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. It was originally a Harry Potter fanfiction, but it was rewritten. She has taken her HP fanfiction and replaced names, items and settings. In some scenes of TMI, you could change the names and it would be a direct quote from her fanfiction.


Plaigarism is never okay. It's disrespectful and unfair to the original authors.

And remember, every time you plaigarise, God kills a kitten.

2) Yell at someone for having their own opinion.

This also goes for all reviewers, blog followers, and users of Goodreads.

Being an active reviewer on this blog as well as Goodreads, I've had comments on my negative reviews saying that I am "rude" and to "be quiet because they are the best books in the world." (and those are direct quotes)

It's great that you enjoyed the book, but my review is my opinion. How would you feel if someone yelled at you for liking/hating something? I'm allowed to hate the book if I want. What's the point of writing reviews if you're not being honest?

Now, onto author specific issues.

Now, you've written a book and gotten it published. Your dreams have finally come true! You're happy, and everyone loves your book! Until...

Someone writes a one star review, complete with a series of angry cursing and gifs.

You stop grinning. All the happiness and fulfilment leaves your body. At first, you feel sad, and second, you want to kill the stupid reviewer who wrote the review, because obviously they have no taste in books!


I know that you are proud of your work, but can you really get mad at the reviewer?

Haven't you ever disliked a book before? How would you feel if someone yelled at you for having your own opinion?

The best thing to do is walk away. Let it go, as long as your work is out there in the public, someone is going to hate it. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to love your book, and you don't really want to make people upset and start a fight, do you?

If you do this, people start hating you and boycotting your books.

Is venting some anger really worth all the bad publicity and upset people?

If you guessed no; then you are correct.

3) Manipulating reviews to make your book look better.

This falls underneath the same category as yelling at someone for having their own opinion.

Upon seeing some bad reviews, some authors make fake accounts and give the book all five star reviews. Some people even get friends to write positive reviews and give all the good reviews a thumbs up, and all the bad reviews a thumbs down.

This is really dishonest and immoral. People go to reviews for guidance on buying books. It's unfair to manipulate reviews, which are constantly used as a guide for unsuspecting readers.

If you are found manipulating reviews, many people will boycott your book. I know many people who would not support an author because of this.

If you participate in any of these activities, I will become very, very angry. And will most likely kill your book with fire.

Peace out!

An Honest Reviewer


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