And All the Stars by Andrea K Host (Review)

Release date: September 30 2012

Publisher: Andrea K Host

Number of pages: 204

My rating: 3/5

And All the Stars was a great book. The first half was interesting and compelling. I could hardly put the book down. However, the second half lost a lot of my attention. This novel is incredibly creative, featuring a plot unlike any other.

And All the Stars is told from Madeleine Cost's perspective. In every city around the world, massive pointy towers (spires) appear suddenly, spewing dust. The fust makes people very sick, turning parts of them blue or green. The blues and greens are very different, and later on in the story, the take on very different paths.

And All the Stars is one of those stories when knowing less is better. Although I shouldn't reveal too much about the plot, I can assure you that it's amazing and creative.

Our main character Madeleine is a good protagonist. Sometimes I felt that we didn't get a really good look into her personality. There was very little worldbuilding when it came to Madeleine's character. The story started when the dust started spewing, and Madeleine was trapped. We didn't get to learn anything about her friends or her former life. I would've liked to learn a little more about her life, but the fact that we didn't means that the story leapt into action very fast, unlike other books such as Poison Princess, where you have to slog through 13 chapter of unrelated high school crap before the action started.

There were quite a few secondary characters. Noi, Fisher, Nash, Millie and Pan were all great characters. Sometimes my brain got mixed up between them, and I felt like we didn't get to know them very well. Anyway, all these characters stuck with Madeleine all the way. I really liked them, and they all made a good team.

The writing was great. Even though this is a self published novel (don't let that put you off!), the quality is very good, and I didn't spot any typos at all.

Andrea K Host is a very talented author. I'm surprised that And All the Stars is self published. Half of the published stuff I read isn't nearly as good as this. Although I did not enjoy the second half as much as I did the first, there's no doubt that this book is very good, and you might just enjoy it a lot more than me. I would definitely reccomend this book to a lot of people.

A free copy was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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