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Turning on a Dime by Maggie Dana (Review)

Release date: May 14th 2014
Publisher: Maggie Dana
Number of pages: 240
My rating: 3/5
Wow, this is definitely a very unique horse book! There’s a huge mixture of stuff in this novel: time travel, special dimes, slavery, and horses. The topics covered can feel strange while mixed together, but I generally enjoyed it.
Samantha DeVries is the daughter of an Olympic horse rider. She’s been riding her entire life and is aiming to be the first African American to ride horses at the Olympics. When she goes on a trip to Mississippi with her father, she plans on finding out about her horse’s origins. When she gets to Mississippi, she finds an old dime from the 19th century. She takes a nap in a tank top that says Barn Bratz while listening to Lady Gaga and clutching the dime and is transported to 1863.
Caroline Chandler lives in Mississippi while the civil war is going on. She loves horses, especially her horse Pandora. When Sam is transported into her life, things start to change. Sam must avoid …