Fallen by Lauren Kate

Release date: December 8 2009

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Number of pages: 452

My rating: 1/5

I went into Fallen with incredibly low expectations. I had heard so many bad things about this book. Fallen did exceed my expectations, and wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. However, it is still a tacky, boring, and stupid story.

The main character, Luce, is incredibly stupid. It is mentioned that she is a top student, with a scholarship to a really good school. Luce is an idiot. She stalks Daniel obsessively, even after he flips her off.

The whole Angel thing is not revealed until the reader is already 90% into the book. That was way too slow. On the back, it actually says: Some angels are destined to fall.
Therefore, the reader knows that it's about angels. However, in the end, it is treated like some sort of massive reveal.

"You're an angel."
No shit. I found that out about 2 seconds after I picked up the book, you don't need to tell me again.

There was not much angel related stuff in the plot. Most of it was about the shitty romance.

When Luce first saw Daniel, he flipped her off. So she fell in love with him. She didn't even know him at all. She has no reason to like him, other than the reason that he's hot.

Daniel is an asshole. I can't even explain why he acts the way he does. He's in love with her, but he's such a dickhead. All the time. If I met some guy, and he flipped me off, I would flip him back, and then tell him to fall into a hole and die.

Also, what kind of stupid reform school is this? People wear tracking bracelets, and cameras watch them. So then why can all the students cut class and leave campus? Seriously! I would've thought such a school would have heaps of security guards, and have systems to ensure that no one can cut class.

At one point in the story, while Luce is supposed to be in class, Cam sends a sedan through the FRONT GATE to pick Luce up and take her away.

What kind of dumb school lets people do that! All Cam has to do is stick some tape over the cameras. That's it. No stealing keys or hacking into the system. He can just climb and tree and slap some tape on the camera, and ta-da! You can go anywhere you like. Luce cuts class all the time, but no one cares. People have wild parties, and smuggle in alchohol, but no one stops them. You'd think that some teachers would step in to the party to make sure that no one's taking drugs or getting piss drunk, but not one does. There's not even anyone watching over the hallways.

So many stupid things happen in this book that I actually started dog-earing the pages when something stupid happened (Well... the librarians probably won't be happy with that...)

Even with all the book's flaws, the writing is alright. It was far better than Cassandra Clare's writing.

I skimmed this book. It didn't matter though, because I didn't miss anything. NOTHING happens in this book. There is a battle, but obviously Luce doesn't do anything in it. She's not even there for most of it.

In the book, it mentions that Butterfly is the fastest stroke. That's incorrect, because Freestyle is actually the fastest stroke. Butterfly is second fastest.

Ugh. The stalking in this book.
"September 18: D accuses me of stalking him.
Followed two days later by:
September 20: Penn convinces me to really begin stalking him. I consent.

Luce actually begins a catalog of her stalking. What the hell is wrong with her?! I actually sort of liked Penn as a character, but she was just as stupid as Luce, if not more.

Fallen is a boring book with hardly any plot, and many parts of it infuriated me.

Also, how can there be two sides of fallen angels fighting? They're all fallen angels, and Lauren Kate doesn't explain why they're fighting either. There's just a big, unexplained fight. I can't even think of a reason why they are fighting.
Luce and Daniel need to die.
"Can you bear the torment?"

No. I cant. I will definitely not be reading any more of this junk.


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