Taste by Kate Evangelista

Release date: April 30 2012

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

Number of pages: 259

My rating: 3/5

Taste was an alright read. It wasn't especially fantastic, but it wasn't bad either. It did have flaws, but I loved the world building and the whole idea of the Zhamvy.

Taste is about a girl who stumbles onto a hidden city full of Zhamvy. The Zhamvy are actually zombies, but instead of eating brains, they eat flesh.

The MC, Phoenix was alright. She got onto my nerves sometimes. she was probably a bit plain, and I didn't really like her that much. She has issues with her dad, but the issues felt a bit out of place. She was a bit rebellious, and she would randomly drop things such as "I had kissed plenty of boys before" it was a bit random, and it didn't seem to fit in very well with her personality.

The secondary characters were alright. Many characters meshed together. The only characters that really stood out of my was Preya, Luka, Demitri, and Yana. I couldn't really remember the rest of the characters, and when someone popped upin the book, I was like: Wait, who's that?

Preya also gets a special mention here. Being, the main character's best friend, I expected her to be nice and likable.

Preya is a freaking spaz. She's crazy and annoying. She was always spazzing out on Phoenix, and I just wanted her to die. She was only in about 10% of the book, but she stuck in my mind as the most annoying character.

The plot was pretty cool. I liked the twists and turns, and everything was pretty original. However, the plot started off pretty slow, but it picked up around halfway.

Also, some things in the book I just didn't get. In one part of the story, someone says that Phoenix's father pushes her away because he doesn't want to lose her. Well, that just completely stuffed up my mind, and that doesn't make sense to me at all. Why would you push someone away if you were afraid of losing them? If anything, pushing someone away would make you lose them faster.
A good read, would definitely reccommend for someone looking for something a little different in the YA paranormal genre.


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