Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Release Date: May 22 2012

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Number of Pages: 324

My Rating: 3/5

Of Poseidon was just ok. Definitely readable, but pretty bland.

Emma is about a part mermaid with the ability to communicate with fish, and Galen is a royal mermaid. The story is told with alternating perspectives. That was one problem, because Emma's side was told in 1st person, while Galen's side was told in 3rd person. This got sort of weird, and you'd have to adapt quickly.

They both meet while Emma's on holiday. Galen sees her communicate with fish, and then stalks her back home.

I don't think enough happened in this novel. Emma finds out what she is, and Galen swims around. We follow Galen through random trips to places, and Emma hangs out with various friends of Galen. I really wanted more significant things to happen. I think that we spend an entire chapter on Galen swimming to Europe.

Many weird things happened in this book. So weird that I questioned Emma and Galen's sanity at times.

The worst things of the book were just the weird things the characters would randomly do. For example, they both pretend to date each other, and somehow, they both tell Emma's mother that they're dating, and they both want to sleep with each other.


Also, another weird thing was they agreed to kiss in public, so Emma's mother would believe that they were dating. That's just stupid. If my mother caught me making out with some guy, she'd most likely be annoyed. These were unrealistic points randomly added into the story, probably to add humor and romace.

Anna Bank also missed out on a great oppurtunity to create an awesome underwater world. They syrena live underwater, but we know nothing about how they live. She could have created an awesome underwater kingdom, but no. We get to follow Galen on his pointless trip to Europe.

While I did like Of Poseidon, the book had many, many weaknesses.

1. The weird writing style, which switched between 1st person and 3rd person

2. The lack of excitement

3. The weird things that happened between Galen and Emma

4. The lack of descriptions.

Overall, Of Poseidon was a fun read. I will probably continue with this series.


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