Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Release date: February 1 2011

Publisher: Harperteen

Number of pages: 480

My rating: 2/5

Hmmm. I really expected to like this more. I never really wanted to read Delirium. The blurb and the entire concept always put me off: "She does the unthinkable: she falls in love." -.-
In fact, I pretty much gagged when I saw that, but after reading Before I Fall, I decided that I must read more of Lauren Oliver's stuff.

Oops. Delirium is about a dystopian society, where love is outlawed and citizens recieve a cure for it at 18. The plotline was very slow, and creeped on and on. The romance was boring and predictable, and the book almost sent me to sleep sometimes. Annoyingly, I actually own a copy of this. Luckily, I just gave it to a friend, because it was taking up space, and I knew that I would never read it again.

The characters were alright. The main character, Lena was a bit boring. She always seemed to go on about how plain she is. Really, she was nothing special. I don't see what Alex sees in her, because she has no personality whatsoever.

I disliked Hana. I don't know why I didn't like her. Heaps of other readers liked her, but she was just boring.

Alex was probably the most boring character of all. He was just so boring. Like other characters, he barely had any personality.

The dystopian part of this was pretty boring. Oliver didn't really create a very interesting society. Other authors have created amazing dystopian worlds, like Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Marie Lu, and Veronica Rossi. Those were all very interesting places. To me, this was just a normal, modern society, but with regulators, little cars, and a cure for love.

The story moved very slow. There was a whole bunch of crap about Alex and Lena. I wasn't interested in the romance, probably because both characters were so dull.

This was a massive disappointment. Before I fall was a beautiful story. Oliver writes amazing well, and I wish I could write half as good as her, but this book really needed a better plot. This book was just so boring.


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