Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi (Review)

Release date: 8 January 2013

Publisher: Harperteen

Number of pages: 341

My rating: 4.5/5

Ok, let me get one thing straight here. I did not like Under the Never Sky very much. Sure, the concept was cool, but both MCs pissed me off to no end, and it went something like this:

Aria: Ewww, you disgusting savage!!
Perry: *sulks* *sniffs* OMG you smell like violets!
Aria: Eww, don't talk to me!
Perry: *sniffs*
Aria: OMG I love you!
Perry: I love you too!

Yeah, shoot me. The book wasn't that bad, and it definitely had it's good moments, but I found Under the Never Sky to be a disappointing read. Anyway, for some reason, I decided to buy Through the Ever Night, in hard cover, no less.

And I freaking loved it.

Through the Ever Night tore my heart out, almost made me cry (a hard thing to do), and I freaking loved it.

It was a flawless, amazing read. If you gave me 5 days, I wouldn't be able to find a thing that I didn't like.

Through the Ever Night follows the story of Aria and Perry, who we meet in the first book. They live in a dystopian world where violent electrical storms (aethers) plague the world. A long time ago, there were lotteries that would determine who got to stay in a pod, which is pretty much a safe dome. The losers got to stay outside and fend for themselves. They developed into tribes, and are known as outsiders or savages. It's been months since they last saw each other, and when they are finally reunited, they are so happy! But when Perry brings Aria back to the Tides (his tribe), they are not very happy. In the previous book, Aria was tasked by the leader of her former pod to find the Still Blue, a place without any aether. From there on, the crap really hits the fan. We see heaps of action, heaps of "awww" moments, a lot of struggle on Perry's part as a new blood lord, and the return (and meetings) for some amazing characters.

Through the Ever Night was a huge improvement on Under the Never Sky. In UTNS, the worldbuilding was awful. We were thrown into a different world without any sort of explaination. Luckily, in Through the Ever Night, the reader will already have an idea of the worldbuilding, so everything was less confusing.

The characters really seemed to hit their stride. In the first one, Aria and Perry pissed me off to no end. Luckily, in TTEN, we got to know them a lot more. Every single character in this series grew on me. We also get the return of a lot of characters, including Brooke, Roar, Cinder, Marron and Talon. And we also get to meet a heap of new, awesome characters.

The plot moved at a much faster pace than in UTNS, where most of the book, we only get to see the characters ambling around the land.

I found one factual error to do with a horse nickering in fright. Horses don't nicker in fright. A nicker is by definition a friendly thing. A little more research could have improved the line.

But seriously, that was all that was wrong with this book. There is not a single flaw, other than that line.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and it's a great addition to the trilogy. The ending is pretty amazing, and I'll definitely be picking up the next book.


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