Paper Dolls by Anya Allyn

Publisher: Anya Allyn

Release date: December 13 2012

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

What an amazing sequel! I absolutely loved Paper Dolls, and enjoyed it way more than Dollhouse (and I absolutely loved Dollhouse!). Almost verything about this book is perfect!

I really can't give away too much about this book, because it has so many twists and surprises that revealing even a little bit too much would ruin the entire book. Anyway, Paper Dolls continues the story of Cassie as she unravels the mystery of the dollhouse.

The plot here is amazing, far better than the plot in Dollhouse. One of my problems with Dollhouse is that the action and the plot slowed down a lot in the middle, filled with mundane days of Cassie in the Dollhouse. In Paper Dolls, we hardly get a break! The entire story was filled with action, unexpected twists and turns, and even a bit of romance!

The characters were great, and I feel that we got to know Cassie more in this book. Ethan was away for almost the entire book, which was kind of disappointing. All the characters were well developed, and I really enjoyed Jessamine's story.

This book also has chapters from Jessamine's life in 1920. It was great to get a more in depth view on her, and understand who she was, and why she was doing what she did. It also helped us to find out where the toys came from and how they moved, and also where the other paranormal creatures came from.

This book is without a doubt, one of the most original books out there. I have never read a series with such an original storyline. Like seriously, a lifesized dollhouse?

I had one tiny, tiny problem with this, and that was thhe end. It was a great cliffhanger, one that left me breathless and dying for the next book, but it was a teeny bit confusing. It didn't detract much from my overall feelings about the book, but wow. Just, wow.

This has got to be one of the best unknown books out there. I struggle to understand how this wasn't picked up by a publishing company. It's so much better than all the unoriginal crap out there. Don't let the fact that it's self published put you off. Go out and grab yourself a copy of this amazing, breathtaking book!


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