Entangled by Nikki Jefford (ARC Review)

Release date: 20 February 2012

Publisher: Nikki Jefford

Number of pages: 303

My rating: 1/5

Warning: This is a DNF review. My review and rating are based on the first 25% ONLY.
Entangled was a mess. It had an intersting premise, and the cover is very nice, but I think that the author needed to work on it a bit more before publishing.

Entangled is about a witch, Graylee in a coven of witches and warlocks. When Graylee has an accident and dies, her mother does a ressurection spell, and brings her back from the dead, but Graylee is trapped in her twin, Charlene's body. Graylee and Charlene alternate every two hours. Warlock Raj is the only person who notices that Graylee is trapped, and they try to get her untangled from her sister's body.

I had many problems with this book. Bad writing, lack of details, lack of worldbuilding, lack of reaction to murder/suicide tendencies, crappy characters, etc.

Right off the bat, on the first/second page, this jumped out at me:

"A suicide threat, seriously? This was why Gray was missing English? They were supposed to be discussion Yeats that afternoon and Gray didn't appreciate having Charlene's minion stop her on the way to class that her sister planned on plunging to her death before the day was out. That would teach Blake Foster,-or so Charlene though. The jerk had dumped her sister after first period"

*Facepalm* Yep. Cause when your sister is planning to commit suicide, your english class is more important. Why would committing suicide teach your ex not to dump you? Dumping someone is not a jerk move. This was handled so nonchanlantly.

""She must be suicidal""

A poorly worded sentence. Again, common sense: Why would someone be suicidal after being dumped. I understand upset, but suicidal, really?
""I take it you've been on suicide watch all weekend?"
"More like criminal watch. Charlene wants Stacey's heart on a plate."

Really? She might actually commit suicide over that?

Charlene actually tells her mother and her sister that she wants to kill Stacey (the girl who kisses her boyfriend hours after he dumped her). And there is no reaction from either of them. It went like:

Charlene: Hey, I'm going to freaking kill Stacey Whorehouse!

Mum: Ok, that's great, Honey!

Murder and suicide are serious issues, and they shouldn't be tossed around like that.

In the first few chapters, I had no idea what was happening. Charlene actuall jumped from the roof, and ending up floating down, instead of falling. The author had not yet told us that they were witches. This confused me a lot. In the middle of a paragraph about two random girls, one of them begins floating. I think my mind lost a few braincells in that paragraph. There were not enough details about anything, and I had no idea what this "Coven" was. Were there only witches and warlocks in there? Was the community gated? Why were there so many witches and warlocks? Is it like that everywhere else, or just in the story? Where is the story set? These were all questions that were crucial to the story, but were never answered.

This book also stereotyped the Indian race.

"Raj didn't want to live in India. He liked America. And he had no desire to become some spiritual woo-woo witch doctor who most likely meditated eight hours a day"

The above paragraph really got on my nerves. "Spiritual woo-woo witch doctor"? This sounds to me like disrespecting someone else's beliefs. And the paragraph generalises all Indians as crazy, spiritual people who have ridiculous beliefs. Really, you should always embrace your background and not disrespect it, because it's part of who you are.

The characters were absolute crap. None of them stood out to me. In fact, I think Charlene was the best character. She was slutty, stupid, bratty, and blocked Graylee's powers for 5 years. I hated Charlene, but she was the only character who had a freaking personality!

25% in, and there was no action whatsoever. Where was Graylee's proposed death? And all the black magic? All there was was unnesecary teen drama and anguish, and a whole bunch of crap along the way.

When Raj started crushing on Graylee, and the entire book pointed towards an insta-love fest, I got mad and gave up.

In the end, I really couldn't finish this. In addition to having a massive to read pile, I also have a ton of holiday homework, and some more books to read for school. I don't have the time or patience right now to trudge through this mess.

All up, I did not enjoy this book, and would not reccomend it to anyone.

1/5 stars.

An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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