Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Release date: August 16 2007

Publisher: Razorbill

Number of pages: 332

My rating: 2/5

This book was such a disappointment. Everything seemed great. The ratings were high, my friends all loved it, and the concept seemed pretty great. Despite all that the book had going for it, this book just wasn't for me.

Vampire Academy is about an academy full of vampires. The Moroi, or full blooded vamps specialise in an element (Earth, water, fire, air) and can practise magic. Dhampirs, or half blooded vampires protect the Moroi.

Rose, a Dhampir, and Lissa, a Moroi princess run away for two years, but they are caught and sent back to the academy. Lissa has special abilities to heal and save lives, and soon dead animals turn up, and someone claims that they know what she is.

The plot was alright. It felt slow and was pretty boring at times.

I wanted to kill Rose. She was such a boring, pointless character. There was nothing interesting or good about her at all. She was a bit slutty, which I don't really mind in books, as long as the character has other good qualities to make up for it. Rose had nothing good about her. She was a pretty hollow character.

Lissa was alright. I honestly can't talk about her, because I have no idea what she was like. She was just hollow and boring.

None of the other characters were good. The secondary characeters sort of meshed together in my head, and Dimitri bored me.

This is a pretty short review, because I honestly have nothing else to say about VA. It was alright. The plot and the characters aren't great. It was a very hollow and boring story.


  1. Eek I started this a few months ago, got to page 3, and then returned it to the library. >.< I'm sorry this book didn't live up to all the massive hype for you I can totally see why you might've not liked Rose's character too much I hate flat characters. Great review! :)

    1. Haha, I actually bought the book, and I'm trying to give it away, but no one wants it! Too bad that you couldn't really get into it though. :)


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