Hey, everyone!

So, I've been really inconsistent over the past year. Actually, I don't think I've ever been that consistent with posting. Also, I haven't updated my page with all my reviews on it for ages.


Anyway, I was kind of busy with year twelve (the last year of high school in Australia), so I wasn't able to review books as frequently as I normally did.

I recently finished high school (yay!) so I should be able to post more reviews now.

However, I have many other hobbies and I've recently taken up ice skating and drawing. I have way too many hobbies, so I need to cut back on a couple.

So, while I'll be reviewing more frequently over the next few months, I will probably never reach the frequency and dedication I had in the past. 

I'll always be obsessed with reading and writing, and I'll still waste time on Goodreads. I just won't review as much.

Well, happy reading!


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