Opal by Jennifer L Armentrout (Review)

Release date:  11 December 2012

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Number of pages: 382

My rating: 3.5/5

This book was great! It's no secret that I was incredibly disappointed with the previous book, Onyx. It was slow and boring. All the characters lost their luster and the plot did not keep me engaged. This book made me fall back in love with the series.
Luckily for me, more happens in Opal than in the previous books. Katy and Daemon try to get Beth back. There's a twist when Blake shows up again, with plans of his own. I can't reveal much more without giving away spoilers, but trying to break into the DOD to get Beth back is the main part of the story.

I like Katy and Daemon. Honestly, I don't like them as much as everyone else seems to, but they're both decent characters with great personalities. Daemon can still be a jerk.

I think I'm one of the few who don't fall for male characters filled with excessive amounts of testosterone. Horny comments about other people's appearances always make me roll my eyes. Unfortunately, Daemon can be like that sometimes, which annoyed me.

We hardly ever see Katy's mum in this book. We hardly see her in any of the books, but her absence reached an all time high in Opal. It's getting sort of ridiculous, actually. She ALWAYS has to work. I mean, Katy can murder someone, sleep in someone else's bed, and race off to some crazy club in the middle of nowhere, and her mum doesn't even realise she's gone. Her mum works double nighttime shifts and works crazy hours.

It's getting a little unreaslistic. My parents are absent a lot. My mum works full time, part time, and studies part time. My dad works from 10am - 10:30 pm 7 days a week. They are both crazy busy. However, I still see them more than Katy sees her mum. I know that having a parent who is away a lot is common in YA fiction, because the absence of authority allows more plot points to go through without anyone intervening. This should be improved. It's too unrealistic for my taste, and I really like her mum's character, and it was disappointing to not see her in this book.

I also think I'm one of the few who isn't crazy about the romance between Katy and Daemon. It takes A LOT to impress me with romance. That doesn't mean I hate romance in books, but I hate romances that seem forced, romances that bore me, and romances with abusive people involved. It's not that I hate the romance between Katy and Daemon, but I think that far too much of the book was about them making out. After about 3 instances of getting really close to having sex, I started to get really sick of it. It happened in Onyx as well. Seriously, I don't even care anymore! Just have sex and stop boring me!

Even though I had heaps of problems with Opal, I was still happy with the book. I loved some of the relationship dynamics, and most of it was pretty entertaining. Everyone seems to work together in this book, and I even enjoyed seeing Ash. Lots happened in Opal, including meeting really mysterious people, discovering surprising new powers, and even being betrayed.

Annoyingly, I saw the ending coming from far away. There was a HUGE twist at the end, which was obviously meant to shock the reader. However, when I read it, I more like this:

Hmm?? Oh, yeah. That doesn't surprise me.

The cliffhanger at the end didn't surprise me either, and not because that stupid idiot spoiled it on Amazon.

OMGGGG!!! i CAN'T BELIEVE [Insert major spoiler here]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, seriously? The spoiler I read gave away the entire book. And without warning too.

The ending was still good, but it failed to shock me.

Anyway, Opal was a pretty good read. It sure did have its flaws, but it was also entertaining and compelling. I'll definitely be picking up the next book, Origin.


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